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There are 14 achievements available in chapter 1, displayed on Steam.

Chapter I[ | ]

Steam Icon Achievement Description How to get it Tips


First steps Take shelter Earned after escaping the storm at the beginning of the game.


Personal revenge Defeat an old enemy Earned after defeat the Gurrn Boss in the Old Mine.


Crystal bearer Learn your first spell Earned after equipping your first crystal in the Old Mine and passing the barrier.


Novice hunter Hunt your first monster. Earned after accepting a hunting board quest and defeating a first monster. The player need to have accept a hunting board quest, and to defeat a monster in accordance to the quest.


Awkward innkeeper Seems suspicious... Earned after resolving the Auspicious Innkeeper secondary quest.


New citizen Reach Herelsor. Earned after entering Herelsor for the first time.


Bionic encounter Defeat the corroded crocta. Earned after defeating the corroded crocta in the Crelk Forest.
8 Alchemist Craft an item with the maximum rarity. Earned after crafting an item with the epic rarity, be it a weapon or piece of armor. Due to the low rate of epic quality drop, the easiest solution is to either farm ingredients or buy them, save the game, and re-try the craft until it succeeds.


Legendary beasts I Hunt the first tier of legendary beasts. Earned after defeating the 3 legendary beasts in hunting board quests, the Ur-Dunnrir, Big Orokko, and Queen Croctas. The hunting board's quests for the Ur-Dunnrir, the Big Orokko, and the Queen Croctas need to be accepted first. These quests will show only if the player accomplished all the previous hunting quests.


Crystal fruits I Find the first 10 crystal fruits. Earned after gathering the first 10 crystal fruits of the “Crystal Hunter” quest.


Seasoned trainer Train a hopeless citizen Earned after finishing the quest “The Volunteer” and training Nuggets.


Prescience Meet the last Uralik. Earned after finishing the quest “The Last Uralik”.


Panic on boar Drive an ancient orokko mad. Earned after leading the ancient orokko to the outpost in the main quest.


Chapter I Complete the first chapter. Earned after completing the main quest for the first chapter and getting the first chapter ending scene. The game can still be played after getting this achievement.