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Archelites, also know as the "Invaders" came to Heryon roughly 30 years ago. They are the enemies in the war against Heryon for the control of the planet.

History[ | ]

Archelites first introduced themselves as peaceful strangers. They had powerful weapons, a more advanced technology, and offered to share it with Heryon in exchange for food. A deal was made and the two populations coexisted in peace. Then Archelites asked for the crystals so dear to Heryon’s people. Heryon refused to give up their ultimate source of power, fearing who they now suspected where their colonisers.

Soon after, the war began between the two peoples. The spaceships that were the pride of Archelites became unbreakable fortresses, the ultimate defense. It was a fight between magic and technology, growing to cataclysmic proportions. Still, Archelites were starting to lose this war against the unstoppable offense of Heryon’s people. In retaliation, Archelites released a biological weapon, the corrosion, to exterminate all life on Heryon. Nowadays, the corrosion is spreading, and the Archelites still barricaded in their spaceships.

Archelites are a powerful and technological advanced race, their spaceships being an example of craftsmanship and technological advance. The weapons they previously gifted to Heryon were banned by the Consort, but are still used by Technobandits who have nothing left to lose.

Merciless, they were able and willing to exterminate an entire race of bird just because it was annoying to their spaceships. Then they released the corrosion on the people of Heryon, an incurable disease transforming its carrier into half-organic half-machine abomination of a being.