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In Edge of Eternity, battles are a center point of gameplay. One particularity is that a battle will take place in the same position as the entities were in environment. For example, if the characters were next to a crystal, the battle will begin with the characters standing on the same nexus as the crystal. It is the same thing with enemies' placements. That means that the player can think strategically to begin the battle with the best position possible.

ATB System[ | ]


The battles in Edge of Eternity use an ATB system, with a gauge bar that will fill over time. When the ATB is full, the entity can act.

A concentration system is also in place when casting. When an entity is casting, a bar appear and show the concentration of the caster. Being hit will reduce concentration, and if the bar goes to 0, then the cast is interrupted.

Concentration value reset after each spell cast, and the amount of damage an entity must receive before being interrupted is dependant of the stat “resolve”.

A character will have the choice to either attack, cast a spell, use a consumable, move, attempt to flee, and use a decorative element if the possibility is available.

It’s possible to flee a battle, but keep in mind that there is a chance the attempt to flee will fail. Sometimes the enemies will also attempt to flee.

Nexus[ | ]


Battles take place on nexus, similar to a grid system.

Entities can move in every direction from one nexus to another. However enemies cannot stand on the same nexus as an ally, and one nexus can contain a maximum of 4 entities.

Usually, an attack will only have a range of one nexus. Spells usually have a range of two nexus for long-distance attacks.

Some actions such as using a siege weapon or some spells like Earthgrave I will affect an entire nexus, and not just the ennemies standing on it.

Interactive environment[ | ]

Entities can also interact with decorative elements and use them in battle.

  • Standing on the same nexus as a crystal can provide bonuses, like heal, defense…
  • Siege weapon can be used by standing on the same nexus and interacting with the weapon. They cause massive damage to all entities on a same nearby nexus. Siege weapon need to cool down after use.

Consumables[ | ]

Consumables can be used in battle: potion to heal, ether to regain mana, ressurex to make an ally recover, antidote to cure poison. Using them is an action and will use the ATB bar.

Star rating[ | ]

Star rating

At the end of a fight, the star rating will indicated money, xp, and loot gained.

Star rating depends on the quickness of the battle, the damage dealt and received, and the difference of level between attacker and ennemies.

Star ratings go from 1 to 5 stars

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