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The Consort is the political, executive, and military force of Heryon, holding power over all the continent.

History[ | ]

This institution is the figurehead in the war against the archelites. The Consort demands of every young man to be drafted in the war, and to serve the country under the flag of the consortium. Its soldiers are ready to die in the line of duty to help the Consort win the war.

Deserters and people who refuse to do their civic duty are sentenced to death, for in those troubled time, every effort is turned toward the military, with no patience or pity for the disobedients. Daryon used to be a scout for the Consort, until he deserted himself.

Even if the Consort efforts are focused on the front lines, soldiers are nonetheless present in the continent, with various missions, from capturing bandits and deserters to being the armed force send to deal with the people’s problems. Soldiers will be sent wherever they’re needed.