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The corrosion, also named metal sickness, is an affliction infecting living being and slowly morphing them into half-organic half-machine creature. The body is poisoned, limbs twisted, and people became nothing more than misshapen abomination. The pain caused by the corrosion is so intense it can drives people insane, making them violent and mindless.

The corrosion is a biological weapon used by the Archelites, in retaliation in the war. Though its specific origins are unknown, as well as it manner of transmission. Many believe the technology offered by the archelites to be the cause of the corrosion, and the reason for the Consort’s ban on archelite technology.


No cure to the sickness has been found as of yet by the Sanctorium, and there are no known survivor. The disease is slowly spreading across the continent, with the only solution of quarantining the travelers to the outside of cities.

The corrosion is at the start of Daryon and Selene’s quest, the two sibling searching for a cure to the metal sickness afflicting their mother. Time is of essence, as Selene was only able to gain some time and delay the inevitable.

In game, the first corroded monster the player will encounter is a corroded croctas in the Crelk forest. Then, corroded enemies can commonly be found in the Marsh of Alasea, and oftentimes with caravan events.

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