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Consort (former)
Selene (sister)

Daryon is one of the main characters in Edge of Eternity. Brother to Selene, the two siblings are embarking in a quest to find a cure to the Corrosion and save their mother.

Past[ | ]

Daryon was enrolled in the army to fight against the Archelites once he was old enough, like all young men in Heryon. Daryon was a scout, a specialist in reconnaissance, whose job was to gather intelligence on all aspects of the fight to help the commanders build a better picture of the battlefield. In his time with the army, he learnt to use crystals and spells.

Daryon deserted after learning of his mother’s sickness from Selene, who asked him for his help in finding a cure. In response, in the next battle Daryon slipped his dog tag on a nearby cadaver to fake his death, and escaped the battlefield to join his sister. However, his new condition of deserter will cost him his life if caught by the Consort.

Personality[ | ]

Daryon used to be a daring and naive lad, as shown by his attempt to defeat a much bigger monster all by himself and save the people involved in the Old Mine accident. However his try would have cost him his life if not for the intervention of his sister Selene. He calmed down after this disastrous attempt.

Nowadays, Daryon is rather cynical, having lost some of his faith in humanity with the war. His comments are rather sarcastic and harsh, having no time and no patience to deal with nonsense. An example is Daryon’s mocking of Myrna’s fortune-telling.

Abilities[ | ]

Daryon fights with a double-handed sword embedded with crystals for magic use. He can cast spells to boost himself or his allies, and inflict combos and elemental hits on his enemies.