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Dunnrir 1
Crelk Forest, Herelsor Plains, Marsh of Alasea

The Dunnrir family are enemies that can be found in the Crelk Forest, Herelsor Plains, and in the Marsh of Alasea in their corroded form.

Another threat for all travelers, the Dunnrïr is a majestic creature who has developed a keen sense of vision. Rarely alone, it travels in pack in order to fend off the many potential threats that scours the wilderness.

Old folks have many stories to tell about the Dunnrïr. Some of them would tell there was a time, now bygone, when they could actually communicate with people and teach them the way of the Wild... while others would recount that the Dunnrïr is a creature of divine origins - mandated by the Gods to protect the forest.

Most people, though, will agree on one thing : it is a convenient - and tasty source of subsistence. Dunnrirs are hunted for their meat and leather. Their pelt and antlers are valued by merchants and artisans, who sculpt them before selling them.

Dunnrirs used to live in all the forests and plains of the continent, but since a few decades, they have been forced back by the monsters that have spread from the mines. Dunnrirs have migrated to more peaceful areas, like Herelsor. Relatively peaceful, they will attack to defend their habitat.

Dunnrawns is the name given to the young of this specie. Then they can either become dunnrirs, Ur-Dunnrir, or even more rarely Uralik. Dunnrirs make for the bulk of the specie. Ur-Dunnrir are the alpha of the group, and there used to be one Ur-Dunnrir for 100 dunnrirs. Forced to adapt, the number are closer to 1/30 nowadays, as more Ur-Dunnrir mature to protect the group.

For the Hunting Quest, dunnrir and Ur-Dunnrir need to be hunted.

Abilities[ | ]

  • Headbutt, can headbutt the player and make them fall back one nexus. Chance to stun

Loot[ | ]

Image Item Quality Description
Dunnrir's Bone Common The bone of a Dunnrir, usually found in the meadows around Herelsor. In times of war, useful components such as these are never wasted.
Dunnrir's Antlers Rare The fallen crown of a majestic suzerain.
Ur-Dunnrir's Horn Legendary This horn usually remains deeply buried in the Dunnrir's skull. It only starts growing out once the cervidea survive a traumatic event - usually a violent death of kin. Eventually, the Dunnrir grows into a Ur-Dunnrir.

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