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Energy bar

In Edge of Eternity, mana and life points will be restored after each fight. However energy will not.

After each fight, the energy bar will decrease, starting from 100% after a night at the inn. If the energy of the group is too low, fights will become more difficult as the stats of characters will decrease to show their lack of energy.

Restore Energy[ | ]

To restore energy, the group can spend a night at the inn. Sleep only will be free and restore the energy to 100%. Players can also choose to pay for a meal, and increase their stats with bonuses.

The energy system is first introduced at the Inn. Then, inns can be found in different places such as Herelsor or the prisoner camp.

Image Name Description Cost
Pk t 04 Sleep only No bonus Free
Dish 03 Rudimentary meal +10% Attack

+10% Defense

+10% HP

+5% MP

Cost 200 heyrs
Dish 05 Fresh vegetables +15% Attack

+15% Defense

+5% Magic

+1% Haste

+8% Speed

+3% Resolve

+10% HP

+10% MP

Cost 500 heyrs