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Gurrn 1.png
Old Mine, Ruins

Gurrn are enemies that can be found in the Old Mine, and in the ruins on the plains of Herelsor.

Gurrn are rocks that became alive thanks to an eternity of existence near crystals. The magic contained within those gems gave them life. In return, Gurrns possess a sense of belonging to crystals, that they consider akin to them. Gurrns carry a crystal on their back, and everything resembling a crystal is considered a part of the family, even if it’s not sentient. They will defend them with their life.

As a result, Gurrns will protect crystals as members of their clan. This often lead to attacks towards humans in the mines. In retaliation, human will try to drive them away. In small mines, a handful of villagers is no match to a Gurrn. In bigger exploitation, soldiers will manage to kick them out.

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