Edge of Eternity Wiki

The events of Edge of Eternity are taking place on the continent of Heryon, separated in three realms, Astrya, Junor, and Dehostra.

History[ | ]

Heryon have been in peace for years until the arrival of the archelites. The tree realms, Astrya, Junor and Dehostra all had access to the same powerful magic of crystals, and relationship between the lands were good.

The war affected all of Heryon direly.

Junor was the first realm touched by the corrosion, and a lot of refugees are escaping this place, seeking sanctuary in the cities not yet touched by the war.

Daryon and Selene are beginning their adventure in Astrya, a continent of merchants and craftmanship, with its capital Herelsor an economical hub that has managed to stay clear of the war for the time being.

Chapter I[ | ]

This is a map of the available locations in chapter I.

Chap 1