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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Edge of Eternity. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[ | ]

Controls[ | ]

W,A,S,D to walk

LMB for almost every action

Tips and tricks[ | ]

  • At every community hub there will be a Hunting Board, make sure you do all of the bounty requests for the region, its a good way to load up on XP for you and your weapons. If you finish all of them for a larger region, you will unlock a boss bounty quest! You only get an achievement for killing the boss if you do it for the quest, instead of normal gameplay.
  • Upgrade your weapons and make sure to keep an eye out for blueprints for the next level of the weapon you are currently holding
  • Once you get comfortable with the Crystal System, look at which character is affected by which stats, and use that as a guide
    • When looking at Crystals, STRIKES are moves for Daryon, and RIFTS are moves for Selene. There is no in game way of knowing this until after you insert the crystal into your weapon and then open the moves menu for that character. Good Luck with the moves that dont have those suffixes

Weapons and Crystals[ | ]

Edge of Eternity allows you to improve the stats of your characters in three ways. Equipment (clothing), Weapons (claymore for Daryon, staff for Selene), and Weapon Crystals.

Crystals can be found in chests, as loot after battles, given as quest rewards, bought from traders, ect. They come in six colors: BLUE, RED, YELLOW, CYAN GREEN, and MAGENTA.

Crystals can be upgraded by combining them at Crystal Crafting Tables, which will allow them to give your chacacter different Physical Skills and Magic Spells, as well as increasing any of the various stats listed bellow. Certain characters can only use certain skills, and only benefit from some of the stat increases, so keep that in mind when crafting.

Character Stats[ | ]

Your two main characters are Daryon (claymore) and Selene (mage). All payable characters have a stats pyramid that shows their stats with each statistic being described as follows:

  • HP: The number of hits a character can take before falling into a state of unconsiousness
  • MP: The characters magic resources which are used for casting spells
  • ATTACK: Increases damage inflicted by physical attacks and skills
  • DEFENSE: Reduces damage inflicted by phisical attacks and skills
  • MAGIC: Increases damage inflicted by magic spells
  • MAGIC DEFENSE: Reduces damage inflicted by magic spells
  • RESOLVE: Increases your resistance to spell interruptions
  • SPEED: Increases the ATB load speed
  • HASTE: Increases the speed of cast ATB loading for skills
  • INCANTATION SPEED: Increases the speed of cast ATB loading for spells

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