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Myrna is a famous soul-searcher residing in Herelsor. She is well-know for her beauty and her predictions, and many gather to hear what she had to say.

Character[ | ]

At first glance, she looks like a stereotypical fortune-teller: her tent is made of many drapes, pendent and trinkets, crystals are hanging everywhere, Myrna herself is wearing a long colorful skirt and holding herself with an air of eerie and mystery.

As a soul-searcher, Myrna is able to focus on a small part of soul from her client and search for answers with the help of crystals. People have faith in her ability and many come to tell her about their problems, seeking her advice.

Using her position, Myrna try to bring hope to the young people who come to her in search of answers by telling them all about the good thing they will experience when the war will be over. By doing so, she is often lying, but for a good reason as she argued with Daryon, for a life with no hope is a sad life.

Myrna is also an informant, having contacts and ears everywhere. She is the one Daryon and Selene come to while in search of Alpharius. She task the siblings with the job of liberating a prisoner in exchange for information about the whereabout of Alpharius. Once the job is done, she effectively give them precious intel to locate Selene’s Master.