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Orokko 1
Crelk Forest, Herelsor Plains, Marsh of Alasea

The Orokko family are enemies that can be found in the Crelk Forest, Herelsor Plains and the Marsh of Alasea in their corroded form.

The Orokko is a boar-like creature wearing a shell to protect itself from potential aerial attacks (dragons, griffins, oversized eagles, you name them.) Though the shell is hiding its eyes, the Orokko is far from helpless. To analyze its surroundings, it feels the ground and "listen" to the vibrations - just imagine tiny eardrums hidden within its trotters. With such a method, the Orokko is able to detect preys a long time before they realize *something* is charging them.

The Orokko do have eyes, however, though the thick of the shell prevent them from seeing barely more than a few rays of light. They are mainly used to spot a variety of small - shiny and odorless little mushrooms that are an essential part of their diet. Orokko are not bad guys, per se, but there are highly territorial. If you happen to find one, know that you will have but one choice : kill it, or die. Well, it's not a choice, actually.

Young orokko are called okko, and the older the orokko the bigger they become. Some particularly old specimens are capable of huge destruction while charging at what they think is an enemy.

For the Hunting Quest, orokkos and big orokko need to be hunted.

Abilities[ | ]

  • Reinforce, concentrate to increase defense.
  • Charge, will prepare to charge 2 nexus ahead then charge. Chance to stun

Loot[ | ]

Image Item Quality Description
Orokko Tail Common An Orokko's tail, mercilessly retrieved from its cold body.
Orokko Shell Rare The shell of an Orokko - has withstood more punishment than it seems.
Orokko Beard Legendary Only the strongest, baddest, meanest Orokko can survive long enough to develop a beard. The hair of this survivor now lies in your hand.

Gallery[ | ]