Edge of Eternity Wiki

Edge of Eternity tells its story through a series of Quests, both with a main quest and side-quests.

Main Quest[ | ]

The storm[ | ]

  • Take shelter

Pursuing Selene’s master[ | ]

  • Find the cave exit
  • Go to Herelsor
  • Ask around for Alpharius
  • Find and free Khalder
  • Find a big orokko nearby to free Khalder
  • Lead the orokko to the outpost
  • Report to Myrna
  • Look for a large headstone near the bridge east of Herelsor

Secondary Quests[ | ]

Auspicious Innkeeper[ | ]

This quest is located at the Inn. An innkeeper seems to be having problems with technobandits.

The Volunteer[ | ]

This quest is located in Herelsor. Daryon is tasked with the training of Nuggets, a young lad who will soon be drafted to the army.

Tough love[ | ]

This quest is located in Herelsor. Karhag the blacksmith want to see his new sword under duress to test its metal.

The Last Uralik[ | ]

This quest is located in Herelsor. An old man seek revenge on the Uralik for the death of his son.

The Outpost[ | ]

This quest is located at the Prisoner Camp. It can only begin once the main quest is advanced enough.

The Penitent[ | ]

This quest is located in the Plains of Herelsor. A penitent of the Sanctorium is seeking repentance in the form of battle.

Crystal Hunter[ | ]


This quest is located right after the Crelk Forest.

Grant the sorcerer need crystal fruits for his research and will reward you graciously. There are 100 crystal fruits collectable to find all over Heryon, with a reward every 10 fruits.

21 crystals fruits are available in the first chapter.

Hunter Board Quests[ | ]

Hunting Board quests can be picked up from every hunting board. Hunting board rewards can also be picked up from every hunting board.

Hunting board

The first hunting board quests will be the following:

Once all those quests are done, newer and more difficult quests will appear:

  • Hunt: Big Orokko, kill a big Orokko.
  • Hunt: Ur-Dunnrir, kill a Ur-Dunnrir.
  • Hunt: Queen Croctas, kill a Queen Croctas.

Events[ | ]

Events are temporary quests that will appear once you are close enough to them.

  • Event: Caravan Attack. A caravan of merchant is under attack. Four random monsters will be encounter in this event. As a reward, the merchants will sell you their items at a lower price.
  • Event: Injured traveler.