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The Sanctorium is in charge of all crystals and magical matters in Heryon. Well-known, the institution have a strong and autoritary stance in all matters. The Sanctorium is the one overseeing the mining of crystals, their distribution, and will always have the last word concerning their use and legality.

History[ | ]

The Sanctorium was the one who took responsibility of all crystals related situations after the civil war in Heryon many years prior, and had been in charge since. Its power is old and recognized, and everyone defer to the Sanctorium in regards of crystals and magic.

People with an affinity for crystals and magic are sent to the Sanctorium to be taken as apprentices under master priests. Here they will learn the way of the sanctorium and the use of magic. Selene herself was sent there to study and train under a master, Alpharius, after her magic was discovered.

Priests can be send to missions all over the continent, for research or to solve magical-related problems. Priests are given a safe-conduct that allow them to enter every city they desire, and to roam freely across the lands, even in this time of war. The Sanctorium is trying to find a cure to the corrosion, with no success as of yet.

Priests are commonly accompanied by soldiers or mercenary to protect them in their quests. Guards weren’t shocked to see Selene accompanied by who they thought was an escort.