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Daryon (Brother)

Selene is one of the main characters of Edge of Eternity. Sister to Daryon, the two siblings are embarking in a quest to find a cure to the Corrosion and save their mother.

Past[ | ]

At a young age, Selene realised she could use crystals and magic better than most people. She cultivated this ability in secret, her brother being her only confident. However, to save Daryon from a wild Gurrn in the Old Mine accident, she was forced to reveal herself and use her power. After that, her mother sent her to the Sanctorium to learn the way of priests.

She had trouble integrating with the others students and masters because of her difference, and ended up under the care of Alpharius, an eccentric master believed to be as insane as her.

While visiting her mother, she learned of the metal sickness infecting her. Using her magic, she tried to put a stop to the corrosion, only gaining some time. She then sent a letter to Daryon asking him to join her in her quest for a cure. Now, the two siblings are searching for Selene’s master Alpharius, who may hold some information about the metal sickness.

Personality[ | ]

Selene is very in tune with magic and open-minded, able to feel the emotions of the Uralik for example. Selene is also a very tactical individual, with cunning and intelligence to spare. She can come up with plans and solution rather quickly. She is very knowledgeable on all kind of subjects, from crystals to beasts such as the elder orokko.

Abilities[ | ]

Selene fights with a staff, usually by casting spells, but she can also use it to hit enemies. Magic specialist, she can cast offensive short and long-range spells, and healing spells.