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Inn, Herelsor Plains

Technobandits are enemies that can be found in the Inn and in Herelsor Plains.

Technobandits groups are usually formed by deserters, orphans, or eccentrics that band together to survive the hard times. To defend themselves, they will search old battlefields and archelites crash sites to find technological weapons that have been banned by the Consort. They are well aware that this technology may be the cause of the Corrosion ravaging Heryon, but what choice do they have?

Technobandits usually just want to be left alone in peace, but they still have to steal, rob and raid to survive. They often live in abandoned or hidden places, such as old battlefield site or deserted mines. The Consort and the Astryan Guards are actively hunting them.

Technobandits are not inherently “bad”, but rather hot-blooded, rude, and rough individuals, due to their condition and the damages of the war.

Abilities[ | ]

  • Explosion, a walking mine that will exploded on a nexus

Gallery[ | ]