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Crelk Forest

The Uralik is a monster that can be found with the quest “The last Uralik” in the Crelk Forest.

Dunnraws, the young of the Dunnrir family, can become Uralik while maturing, albeit very rarely. The numbers of Uralik are so few that they are though to be extinct.

Uralik are envoy of the Gods, and possess a special ability -and a mission. When a Uralik meet a young man of 18, the beast can read his future, and see what the boy will become. If the man grow to be guilty of horrible crimes, it is the sacred mission of the Uralik to end his life before he can commit his atrocities.

This judgment, often considers unfair, is one of the cause of the disappearance of Uralik, as angry parents will try to hunt and end the beast that took away their kids’ lives.

Uralik are telepathic, can communicate mentally, and can pass along vision and emotions to the open-minded.